The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,076 – Aug 26 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Church with member of flock in charge of pottery CERAMIC
Cook tasted sampling whiskey and battered flies? SWATTED
Creature making a little bear mad — I’ll observe ARMADILLO
Curb criminal element that’s gripping area CONTAIN
Dance with weird graduate RUMBA
Dancing galore, taking in learner’s musical 9 Across ALLEGRO
Defence revealed in tabloid — bail oddly rejected ALIBI
Dream of cooler siesta, frolicking FANTASISE
Enthusiastic in punt, but starting in the opposite direction EAGER
Farewell that makes good past worker upset? GOLDENHANDSHAKE
Frock that gives little wear? MINIDRESS
Guaranteed right to enter petition in extremity ENSURED
Hammer slowly or fast RAPIDLY
Hesitate to get agitated about fine AESTHETIC
Labour opponents knock back housing article ENDEAVOUR
Left university with tot to raise — one’s usually found in bed LUPIN
One with US military service, fine East African native GIRAFFE
Paid occasional visits to sierran region of Portugal MADEIRA
Peer with gong where personal decoration should hang EARLOBE
Perfect example of rock Sixties youth’ll broadcast ROLEMODEL
Puts in order that’s consumed in empty Nando’s NEATENS
Row northwards, river dwellers — but river goes west SETTO
Second nag is a non-starter OTHER
Silly inflammatory stuff, admitting I’m turning Conservative COMICAL
Sinister group stifling publicity — one may be criminal CULPRIT
Some elements of orchestra may be nervous, almost taking pot TIMPANI
Telegraph supports farm food being wild HAYWIRE
They sketch, maybe, putting Queen in at first with son ARTISTS
Uncompromising approach that leads to things piling up COLLISIONCOURSE
Willowy Kate Moss illustration partly printed upside-down LISSOME

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