The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,084 – Sep 5 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
About time to get down for short sleep CATNAP
Act indecently? I become tight-lipped TACITURN
Back home, give orders to deputy SECONDINCOMMAND
Bail out a mostly wicked pantomime character ALIBABA
Belonging to Gurkha, kitbag and military material KHAKI
Birds turned up on roof of reprocessing plant LARKSPUR
Boy’s from Pisa, actually ISAAC
Brief film entertaining wife LAWYER
Established rule in Isle of Man following a vote AXIOM
Extremely small, I leave Irish port SLIGO
Income level in Parisian’s street REVENUE
Insect in Spooner’s large jug, empty DRAGONFLY
Leave shortly, heading for India on holiday VACATION
Magnificent article about a Spanish city GRANADA
Might one help one see painting in a different light? PICTURERESTORER
Moment to abort abnormal launch? MOTORBOAT
Most certainly not involving king and country NORWAY
Name of composer heard HANDLE
Occasionally employed by rival newspaper? ATTIMES
Perfect example in eastern religious book EPITOME
Progressive Indian state leader GOAHEAD
Richly seasoned stew shown in red-top abroad RAGOUT
Rodent had got loose inside, causing scene of utter confusion MADHOUSE
Strange code, strange etiquette DECORUM
Top two maidens in action SUMMIT
Traveller’s passage — cost of passage ending in Dover WAYFARER
Very behindhand after electric current cut off ISOLATE
Where there may be lots of holidaymakers affected by it in south-east CAMPSITE

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