The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,090 – Sep 12 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Bishop and former PM briefly in conflict BATTLE
Broad lout backing spiv WIDEBOY
Countertenor from Deal (town) ALTO
Deep regret about code creator REMORSE
Dessert? Unable to finish second course! SYLLABUS
Former name of Red Sea country having deep chasm in one area ABYSSINIA
Forming an architectural feature MOULDING
Left with son before head causes scene LANDSCAPE
Liqueur with rum chaser? True CHARTREUSE
Look over the top of big old summerhouse GAZEBO
Male entering town (Deal), awfully shabby DOWNATHEEL
Mother’s accompanying the Spanish lass DAMSEL
New tune by Oscar being broadcast ONAIR
Obscure English rock band BLUR
Player unhappy about each period of extra time LEAPYEAR
Popular, one-time whistle-blower INFORMER
Rather strange how Humpty Dumpty ended up? OFFTHEWALL
Sculpture shattered BUST
Sentry’s appearance, old-fashioned LOOKOUT
Servant put up mistletoe, initially with help HOUSEMAID
Shoot sergeant-major in Gulf state, one investigating complaints OMBUDSMAN
Something memorable said on the way out? FAMOUSLASTWORDS
Starts to open some letters offering capital OSLO
Striking effect of chapter in story recalled ECLAT
Stroll from hazard, abandoning golf AMBLE
Type of wood needed to make large bow? LARCH
Unlawful act beginning to annexe part of Ukraine CRIMEA
Watch how things pan out as we detain criminal WAITANDSEE
Wise man with two degrees describing Dolly Varden? MAHATMA

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