The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,096 – Sep 19 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Boy in a whirl EDDY
Come together regularly, say, in act SYNC
Confirm result with Burmese, perhaps, losing head ENDORSE
Creator’s part is taxing to some extent ARTIST
Cross, if taken inside to give evidence TESTIFY
Experienced start of journey, sacred journey HADJ
Extraordinary respect in a people’s final farewell words Restinpeace
Family, regal, travelling to embrace companion and son as new leading man KINGCHARLES
Feeling of nationwide anguish IDEA
For exam, American books believer PROTESTANT
Foreign Office? BUREAU
Former leading lady? ELIZABETHII
Like describing issue possibly for Victorians? AUSSIES
Note brief tribute with sign of hesitation MEMORANDUM
Once again searches for prayers? REQUESTS
One’s great at spelling SORCERER
Our hands reshaped country HONDURAS
Petitions about a floral decoration POINSETTIA
Pieces in article welcome singular treaties AGREEMENTS
Prudence shown by business splashing money around ECONOMY
Rather upset, sit with dean INSTEAD
Reportedly studied cherished animal in forest REDDEER
Reserve side cut short refresher? ICETEA
Royal address? YOURMAJESTY
Shellfish turned up whole — advertise briefly MUSSEL
Stay around after clamour, it’s said, for royal family DYNASTY
Stirring part of a service TEASPOON
View of love until now regularly getting approval OUTLOOK

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