The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,100 – Sep 23 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Agent backing boy band together and individually PERSONALLY
Announcement of seamen maybe making appearance GUISE
Area of city as far as Wimbledon vacated UPTOWN
City element going to USA casually, and south of it LATINAMERICA
Complaint springing up over weight used in meat dish BEEFWELLINGTON
Crossing Pacific, Lima ticket-holders depending on the weather CLIMATIC
Doctor advanced through time channels DRAINAGE
Drunk’s hogging oysters? SHELLFISH
European student at old college where son’s admitted ESTONIAN
First to stop access? SENTRY
Game in south Sussex town, semi with Lancaster? SHOVEHALFPENNY
Get away from those people — rough and common RUNOFTHEMILL
Give therapy centre a thumbs-up for accommodation TREAT
Hurt — shouldn’t one be in hospital? On the contrary ACHE
Ill fortune in battle over English Channel town RAWDEAL
In big top, say, one has to be alert ATTENTIVE
In Paris, one never winds alarm UNNERVE
Journalist with ’24 Hours’ editing out article’s spin EDDY
Large vessel in sound, seamen maybe getting transfer CRUISESHIP
One takes pictures of adult covered with whipped cream CAMERA
Quit chorus REFRAIN
Radical mix setter’s deployed EXTREMIST
Regularly avoided flipping priest until reaching Bury? INTER
Salad item that’s bigger than it looks ICEBERG
Saw motorway to points west and east MOTTO
Slaughtered fiend etc and passed on INFECTED
Suffering or understanding ORDEAL
They sort out mail and iron garments ARMOURERS

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