The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,103 – Sep 27 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Adult in bed with one animal COATI
Again evaluate animals in reserve REASSESS
Anxiety as adult’s lost hair STRESS
Australia gets most of support in summer? ABACUS
Author is penning book in French IBSEN
Bird almost out of breath? PUFFIN
Bosom buddy nasty to Samuel SOULMATE
Calm exercises with smashing female university student PEACEFUL
Car now reduced my freedom AUTONOMY
Certain coastal area is on the radio SURE
Chest picked up north of a large South African village KRAAL
Complicated work in America in each telephone exchange, initially ELABORATE
Fireproof material American bosses ordered? About time! ASBESTOS
Found nuts a bit less hard ESTABLISH
Fuss after old boy’s rude OBSCENE
Gold, for example, regularly found somewhere in the USA OREGON
I am upset about fashionable skirt MINI
If last of good leaders ignored 1 Down? FASTFOOD
James Bond, perhaps, a man of refinement AGENT
Press one criminal for answer RESPONSE
Recklessly I tap rifle — why take foolish risk? PLAYWITHFIRE
Relative turned up in Greece inexplicably NIECE
Revolting gherkin’s true reason to refuse grub? HUNGERSTRIKE
Sexy man, one with ordinary apartment STUDIO
Sign engaging chap’s getting something to help with the crossword? THESAURUS
Start to speak, swallowing current drink ORIGINATE
Stretch no clothing when you do this run STREAK
Thespian’s role in act’s vanished DEPARTED
Trendy party with good, southern food HOTDOGS
Ultimate aid for swimmer on a lake FINAL

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