The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,104 – Sep 28 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Almost perfect place to pull HEAVE
Angle moderates rejected is something to be savoured Fishstew
Artificial flowers at zebra crossing ERSATZ
Bread that’s asked for at checkout? CASHBACK
Clash of politicians after moving to centre CONTRETEMPS
Coppice material may be pinker after being pollarded OSIER
Do posers put these on fashionable transport? AIRSHIP
First class requirement of a radio RECEPTION
Get rid of Nero — at heart a fiddler SCRAPER
Imposed objective, binding for church ENFORCED
In a wretched state, we’re heard to demand sympathy PITEOUS
In some ways, a lemon is sweet SEMOLINA
Irritable as spirit diluted SHORTTEMPERED
Jokes about RI volunteers and prudes PURITANS
Mother’s party going west for medical application BALSAM
Mourn rate worked out for dividend NUMERATOR
Move quickly in rejection of old English currency once ESCUDO
Old, not very bright, full of universal hatred ODIUM
One among many to get lift HOIST
One smoulders as people in club must lose protection EMBER
Perhaps Liverpool player with time must accept brilliant winger REDSTART
Quiet time that hurt one easily convinced SOFTTOUCH
Reverse decision for transplant? CHANGEOFHEART
Short picture — origin of only adult version IMAGO
Sponge, say, or exotic food cooked here? GREASYSPOON
Taught wine after time out for revision TUTORED
The last of this readily available drink SHANDY
White Rose represented in a different way OTHERWISE

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