The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,108 – Oct 3 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Area, local authority district, gets grant AWARD
Before start of event, tries again to practise REHEARSE
Bemused cast THROWN
Bird, duck, in list ROOSTER
Conservative down in the dumps? BLUE
Entertain original port official HARBOURMASTER
Family shows concern describing Miller’s last play BLOODBROTHERS
Figure around hotel rearranged fund-raiser TELETHON
Fly into a rage and go off BLOWUP
For court sitting, reportedly in March? PROCESSION
Head of state against appearing in parade MONARCH
Impasse involving British person managed by the same company? STABLEMATE
Lofty structure in Felixstowe razed TOWER
New paper socialist got ready PREPARED
Respect judge RATE
Short tale by Bond’s boss causes rage STORM
Shriek catching a young man dressing SALADCREAM
Snug in unexpected uproar about student behind counter BARPARLOUR
Some gather at hers more willingly RATHER
Staff officer’s supporters were seated round hospital BRASSHAT
Start to see me about revolutionary action plan SCHEME
Talk about field event, first in series DISCUSS
The Spanish in pub with us in eastern European country BELARUS
Trainee pocketing pounds in nightspot CLUB
Type of whisky associated with a Mediterranean island MALTA
Wintry weather in south, at present SNOW

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