The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,109 – Oct 4 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Awful convulsive twitch holding newspaper TRAGIC
Business trouble CONCERN
Children with singular problems ISSUES
Cross after eastern craft turned over EXTRA
Cuckoo lacking feeling? SENSELESS
Dispute about working with female left one in front of court CONFLICT
Eventually hot then failing to finish marathon? INTHELONGRUN
Fashionable pen starts to leak ink, staining hand STYLISH
Fed no bird nuts — it’s banned FORBIDDEN
Fish after parking and dad’s picked up tackle APPROACH
Found squeezing European’s heavenly body PLANET
Had to remove top and make uniform good enough ADEQUATE
Host a ball, following food ABUNDANCE
Instrument I love endlessly playing at home VIOLIN
Keep sea vessel outside area MAINTAIN
Laud new attempt to cover last of one’s unfaithfulness ADULTERY
Lower centre of dartboard BULL
Person who doesn’t want company car finally going after large one LONER
Pressure on each group of teachers formerly to get something to eat PEANUT
Scant leaves on a regular basis — is plant OK? SATISFACTORY
Smashing book about what Charles has become? BREAKING
Some complain a workman’s climbing tree ROWAN
Spots note inside card ACNE
Swindled Conservative departs furious HEATED
Teach artist without money? On the contrary TRAIN
Transport quick to turn up TRAMS
Urge to increase small exercises PRESSUPS
Wants variable income YEARNINGS
Will producer examine a rocky hill? TESTATOR
With nag, husband’s left more disagreeable WORSE

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