The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,110 – Oct 5 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
A friend on manuscript for POTUS, etc? ACRONYMS
Able to move having discovered files supporting disorderly crowd MOBILE
Bits of shell from planes flying across there regularly SHRAPNEL
Bus lanes redesigned across east and south generating capability USABLENESS
Cooked meat must be included in supply FLAMBEED
Disputed titles will contain duty, providing definitive trial LITMUSTEST
Doctor bears out subversive SABOTEUR
Excitement about piece of news ITEM
Fancy — possibly late Norman ORNAMENTAL
Former housekeeper’s friendly conversation with girl CHATELAINE
Independent check kept by socialist, fascinated RIVETED
Keep a record of feminine fury that generates heat LOGFIRE
Lift projection HUMP
Men working on rough seas as a group ENMASSE
Moving apart to keep four oddly in proportion PRORATA
Nick may be up to this if good enough SCRATCH
Poor American showing effect of working in the sun? REDNECK
Prevention keeps up at any time EVER
Rails about the girl’s smoking choices CHEROOTS
Rumour of underground workers and those unable to vote MINORS
Set apart from one’s love, in arrears ISOLATE
Short incisive position in ballet POINTE
Story of silver buried in South America SAGA
Such messages mostly mislead criminal EMAILS
They may offer access to fast track SLIPROADS
Understood inexperience must lack boundaries IMPLICIT
Well-known demon or spirit FAMILIAR
What fat could be dripping? SATURATED
Withdraw from race, disheartened with deal RETREAT
Worked out commitment daily at first RESOLVED

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