The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,111 – Oct 6 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
A cold fish admitting she has fatal flaw ACHILLESHEEL
Accomplished as male teacher? MASTERLY
Ancient Hebrew realities distorted ISRAELITE
Article by poet a slow piece ANDANTE
Assist old boy with raincoat going up country CAMBODIA
Aunt’s dog in wild really impressive ASTOUNDING
Avoid Venetian magistrate incarcerating 500 DODGE
Black bird in wood BOWL
Bloom shows full desire uncontrollably FLEURDELIS
Closely examine small container SCAN
Coal: an ancient land imports it ANTHRACITE
Despot left in dishonour STALIN
Endless joy seen in swallow? One born to fly EAGLET
English company in Knock shows propriety DECORUM
Female, let down, prospered FLOWERED
Fetching chopped artichoke at last CUTE
Gas connected to north-eastern French region ARGONNE
Lazybones unusually riled IDLER
Make low attack in first RAF exercise STRAFE
Management course DIRECTION
Morally correct ceremony for broadcast RIGHT
Nothing but repetition? Rather regular repetition maybe! ALLITERATION
Official on course or attendant in mess? STEWARD
Old man outside with forest creature PANDA
See Romeo’s revolutionary supporter for bigger prize ROLLOVER
Spot unwanted garden visitor MOLE
Spy one-time GP playing on piano PEEPINGTOM
Strike’s ending: Unite creates issue EMERGE
Understand Europeans banning a new drug DIGITALIS
Wild flower: give to old drunk DOGVIOLET

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