The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,152 – Nov 23 2022 Crossword Solution

Clues Answers
A snare set up independently APART
Advice for each person showing appreciation TIPPER
At the outset, Tories regret nothing, darling TRUELOVE
Being prudish and upset I’d start storing delicate material STRAITLACED
Biscuit offered by Spooner’s royal Arab leader? SHORTCAKE
Brief notice on election including accountant ADVOCATE
Cause of bad luck gangster loves? HOODOO
Chap admitted to A&E gets home ABODE
Contents of lager after American tradition USAGE
Cultivated a few — sounds horrible GRUESOME
Drink to broken heart, being practical DOWNTOEARTH
Fruit that’s a necessity when up? SATSUMA
Green mould originally occupying busy leader EMERALD
Ground ready for planting until this holds TILTH
Issue undertaking to support energy EMISSION
Keen on Geordie chant? INTONE
Legal case covering university sale AUCTION
Maxim mostly about target food for livestock PROVENDER
Music school getting zero possibly SCHERZO
Northern editor keeps rats — say it doesn’t matter NEVERMIND
Relevant or cheeky? I’m off PERTINENT
Religious folk from America dancing topless APOSTLES
Star reportedly studied docking facility REDDWARF
Subject to pressure in charge TOPIC
Trap designed to catch one animal TAPIR
Two ways to protect forest location, and one means of progress STEPPINGSTONE
Wasted without protection, with sailors at the back ASTERN
What gardener may be seeing new genre identified GREENFINGERED

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