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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jul 11 2018

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Clues Answers
After work, Satie developed drugs OPIATES
Bird — egg-producer — protecting brood regularly HERON
Boy must accept university honour LAUD
Bring on, for instance OCCASION
Cause of death Trotsky perhaps allowed during journey? RUSSIANROULETTE
Chilled about nature oddly showing dominance CONTROL
Copy of dossier about line missing from dodgy claims FACSIMILE
Craftsman employing theologian’s child TIDDLER
Current producer chaps born to replace leader BELLOWS
Do okay with daughter kept in CONFINED
Dream about love and the French play TOLERANCE
Flower shops to open in suitable environment PROSPER
Funny business from the departing prodigal? GOINGSON
Independent politician needing relaxation for broadcast is overwhelmed IMPRESSED
Investor representing pal in a bad way SLEEPINGPARTNER
Clues Answers
Joined revolution, persuaded COUPLED
Mischievous angle anticipated by European left ELFISH
NHS employees harbour grudges, ultimately NURSES
Origin of cheap green crop CRAW
Part of car clamp oddly below focal point HUBCAP
Pass out seeing court enthralled by case of sedition SWOON
Person who preaches voting system set out by Italy PRIEST
Promoted in honour — is he decorated? NOURISHED
Reply given by 19 worried about love RIPOSTE
Second, better check STOP
Secret sponsor will have opportunity BACKDOOR
Set to attack quickly, having changed sides LAID
Stranger sort of job on the side FOREIGNER
Unwise to be out? SENSELESS
Women do weddings, taking some for granted ENDOWED