The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jul 12 2018

Clues Answers
Animal also carried by father PANDA
Article arrived comprising of French scholarly world ACADEME
Attractive Democrat fit for office? DELECTABLE
Can or tin formed to hold preserve finally? CONTAINER
Coach possibly coaches TRAIN
Craftsman worked hard accepting need’s minute BLACKSMITH
Expressed arrogance of those due to succeed HEIRS
Fitter going after plug for electrical device ADAPTER
Free, not having been booked UNRESERVED
Later today drunk takes refusal the wrong way TONIGHT
Left in saddle breaking runaway LANDSLIDE
Lie concerned with Conservative policy RECLINE
Lifted ladle dropping end? Silly me! OOPS
Lifting one newspaper’s short title THEFT
Occasionally play Greek instrument LYRE
Part is tempting embracing actress, say ARTISTE
Clues Answers
Place hollow elm in box and burn CREMATE
Polishing some bars and ingots SANDING
Purge using concoction of bitter aloe OBLITERATE
Regularly sleep in, having guaranteed free time LEISURE
Rude man flashing, exposed UNARMED
Scene of depravity overlooking morals initially SODOM
Sceptic hates it to be otherwise ATHEIST
Scraps of potato served up around meal’s starter DUMPS
Sweetheart with partner harbouring a new issue EMANATE
Talk purchasing posh drinks raised in bar GASTROPUB
Time ship worker set off TRIGGER
Tiredness for all in unlimited sport ENNUI
United following team’s card MENU
Vacuous English politician facing vacuous Tory EMPTY
Wash old socks HOSE
Wasted time, aimed to be prompt IMMEDIATE

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