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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jul 13 2018

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Clues Answers
A darn cig ruined jacket CARDIGAN
A story about company that may be ratified AFFIRMABLE
Before start of December fir gets nicely dressed SPRUCED
City oddball, one with two females in tow CARDIFF
Club against money demanded for police action BATONCHARGE
Come by to fight or bless? LAYHANDSON
Day of celebration with everyone needing permits to go round hospital ALLHALLOWS
Edmund early in the morning upset lass MAIDEN
Famous Argentinian side lifted cup — what gets those gnashers going? CHEWINGGUM
Fast runner heading off over a field AREA
Footballer around half-time’s first person to grumble Whinger
Form of technology — something hard engineers initially attempt ROCKETRY
Greedier man troubled officers abroad GENDARMERIE
Greek lady that is one of a senior generation GRANNIE
Clues Answers
Huge fellows squeezed into semi, getting sozzled IMMENSE
Keep secret identity when entertained by the fellow HIDE
Language used by loud Russians in retreat URDU
Locks to secure old books? That’s silly talk! HOTAIR
Man on board goes down after short jump — when the vessel’s this? LEAKING
One goes round very quickly and one’s teeth are on edge CIRCULARSAW
One telling tales in class with little hesitation INFORMER
Play in small country community HAMLET
Puts up with spectators’ accommodation STANDS
Shared an understanding with shyest maid, trembling, keeping quiet SYMPATHISED
SS and similar folk DOUBLES
That’s contemptible, having Greek character shut up PISH
Upset daughter is the opposite of sweet, rolling over DISTURB
With blemishes all around, America suffers SUSTAINS