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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jul 16 2018

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Clues Answers
Criticise gentle person sat around LAMBAST
Cut meat? CHOP
Deliberated dressing team in Conservative red! CONSIDERED
Fine to leave rich drunk LUSH
Flee ultimately strange old character RUNE
Fuel price finally dropped FEED
Generous description of unambiguous? BIGHEARTED
Hit gear CLOBBER
How one should build flat-pack furniture — and get it upstairs? STEPBYSTEP
Light quality’s somewhat fair, in essence AIRINESS
Monster leaves having eaten bloke with Queen SALAMANDER
Novel I daren’t exchange TRADEIN
Outdo someone gambling BETTER
Performer’s gloomy broadcast, according to some DOER
Place bet in error after account’s deemed satisfactory ACCEPTABLE
Clues Answers
Prove aunt is best at dancing SUBSTANTIATE
Quickly appear fashionable LOOKSNAPPY
Rather attractive PRETTY
Reach volunteers aboard a vessel ATTAIN
Rebellious pair hated segregation APARTHEID
Sailor’s scheme to save time is hard to understand ABSTRUSE
Share a French article in principle RATIONALE
Small Faces, briefly, could be arrogant SMUG
Sticky stuff seen in novel crop VELCRO
Talk in second-class facility BLAB
Tame doc meditates after working DOMESTICATED
Temporary accommodation left covered by one member TENTACLE
Tempt cricketer to take single BAIT
Unnecessary bad feeling on ship NEEDLESS
Write song after love outside OPENAIR