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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jul 17 2018

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Clues Answers
A vet upset with service in pub TAVERN
Absence of American common sense NOUS
Artisan working for Russian empress TSARINA
Bone put in pile on the way out MORIBUND
Complex building finished FIENDISH
Expert batsman, key OPENER
Figure welcoming fine faculty EYESIGHT
Fly low around capital in Sweden, then leave MOSQUITO
Fragile thing cut somewhere on the face CHIN
Furious, grasp object SEETHING
Item used by trumpeter to keep in time MINUTE
Like some grins? Also yours TOOTHY
Miss second nap SKIP
Novel retains minimum of respect — there are holes in it STRAINER
Old couple yearn for tea OOLONG
Old Dutchmen chaining ten dogs BOXERS
Clues Answers
One of thirteen in band, I am on drums DIAMOND
One with famous voice, not entirely tragic character ICARUS
Polite? I’m amazed! GRACIOUS
Popular contract, without doubt INDEED
Problem getting in shape, eat! CONSUME
Rip off beastly coat? FLEECE
Sense a boy overcome by extremes of rage REASON
Share not quite redistributed QUOTIENT
Sound of lift in UK resort BRIGHTON
State I love, well to the west OHIO
Stone tearing rocks GRANITE
Stop and give a lift to storyteller and journalist DERAIL
Taken around play area, toboggan was scintillating SPARKLED
Using face creams etc, risk acne unfortunately SKINCARE
Very, very strong MIGHTY
Wine in soup bottles PINOTAGE