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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jul 18 2018

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Clues Answers
Act married after misrepresentation of real rank EARLDOM
Bounder to seek trial here? KANGAROOCOURT
Confirms advance on stint at sea fighting SUBSTANTIATES
Cream were first to get drunk PICKLED
Cut short story aired in support of dog CURTAIL
Decay rampant and in American buildings ROTUNDAS
Dire scenes played out in such homes RESIDENCES
Disadvantage of drink with team? DOWNSIDE
Evaluation of agreement covering awful mess ASSESSMENT
Excited, as to come out COMATOSE
Free, free at last to travel RIDE
Garment from India prone to be revealing APRON
Hot line in forged notes STOLEN
How to start a childhood romance? ONCEUPONATIME
Clues Answers
Interrupt study on source of bacteria and eat BREAKBREAD
Monsters turn up with Dr Seuss regularly OGRES
Part of kitchen sapping poet full of love DRAININGBOARD
Places haunted by engineer types? RESORTS
Responsibility for cash in America BUCK
Result of injury that’s almost frightening SCAR
Singer backed by company offering headgear CORONET
Taking some despite miserable list ITEMISE
Tedious working alfresco OUTSIDE
The heartless member has spoken of such lords TEMPORAL
Those worried about left and right keep arm in this HOLSTER
Wages must cover most of crowd in Rome office PAPACY
What man’s partner may be? Protest he must be upset about origin of money STEPMOTHER
Worst gamble accommodating son BEST