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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jul 19 2018

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Clues Answers
Animal, according to Cockney, slept upside-down PANDA
Around French friend, unique item of lingerie CAMISOLE
Bit familiar, being discontented with director’s instruction FRACTION
Bold of French automotive firm to acquire centre in Afghanistan DEFIANT
Bringing back wartime code-breaker around November to support soldiers RETURNING
Chaos having refurbished ranch within a year ANARCHY
Dilapidated cart’s bearing old wheel CASTOR
Embracing Northern chapter, leave terribly isolated territory ENCLAVE
Endeavour, perhaps, to get an A for each English subject VASSAL
Fellow on leave is climber MANGETOUT
Foreign noble prisoner turned over valuable item CONTESSA
Garment’s stiff material beginning to itch and irritate back CARDIGAN
Greek island storing oil, primarily as preservative CREOSOTE
Heard what one needs to start Swiss charity LARGESSE
Islander at sea with his boat is fabled mariner SINBADTHESAILOR
Clues Answers
Item for sale, American plant LOTUS
Measures quadrangles YARDS
New hip, yet ghastly figure NINETY
Particular motor fuel developed CAREFUL
Play about Eastern area, somewhere like Shanghai SEAPORT
Present left on ship beside fish PORTRAY
Printed one introduction to novel with Shades of Grey formula? INBLACKANDWHITE
Regarded slice of marmalade tart on the counter RATED
Regularly used staple’s a condiment SALSA
Rocky UK isle contains church of that kind SUCHLIKE
Superhero’s sidekick not finished dressing ROBIN
Teenager changed form GENERATE
Weighty individual not totally awake ONEROUS
Wife nervy about monster WYVERN
Wound stung SCREWED