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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jul 2 2018

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Clues Answers
After unfortunate arrest, time to begin afresh RESTART
Always busy, he got on badly ONTHEGO
Arm photographer? SHOOTER
Be informed, as should an orchestral musician? KNOWTHESCORE
Bring joy to people finally, pushing up the daisies ELATE
Centre in form, a politician demonstrating eloquence ORATORY
Cram facts STUFF
Cross noted? CROTCHETY
Duck managed to eviscerate an Asian animal ORANGUTAN
Ebbing brown river, pure NATURAL
Fiendish setters always take assumed names in crosswords, initially SATANIC
Fine, daily limits? DANDY
Flier spouse distributed in school HOUSESPARROW
Fuel for glass PROPANE
Clues Answers
Hurtful piece taken from newspaper CUTTING
Innings one short — foul play KNOCKON
Islamic office I consider to be behind me, contrarily EMIRATE
Skilled worker from Hobart is annoying ARTISAN
Smokier bombs, irritating IRKSOME
So front is lower than that place THEREFORE
Spoons bent right back SPONSOR
Staff after cakes removing lid, so open UNSCREW
The mating game? CHESS
Very great depth in one, a nation of old ABYSSINIA
What politician may do with coarse material on son CANVASS
Work over, repeat in error OPERATE
Zero call for an end to change, finally ONCEANDFORALL