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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jul 20 2018

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Clues Answers
A game, a dance and a wee dram? HOPSCOTCH
Articles exposing the top people LEADERS
Children’s author didn’t manage the whole lot RANSOME
Day with vehicle going wrong way — should have used this? SATNAV
Drink of disgusting cola provided by dad ALCOPOP
Escort from abroad undermining task is unhelpful ally JOBSCOMFORTER
Friend taking Ecstasy in passage ALLEY
From which we may deduce Eva’s to keep some money by SAVEUP
Goodness me, a new blemish in the country! MYANMAR
Initially joyless, viewer’s good-humoured JOCULAR
Journalist and boss gained unauthorised access online HACKED
Knowing secret place, Rex escapes CANNY
Like sort of woman providing test — the female’s lovely but totally heartless! MOTHERLY
Maybe they are no longer funny trees CHESTNUTS
Clues Answers
Message to decomputerise? Jolly well tell me! OUTWITHIT
Noble worker kept under by a cold bean-counter? ACCOUNTANT
One may get stuck into a literary work BOOKPLATE
Person in pulpit shows power, one getting somewhere PREACHER
PM facing test in respect of Boris Johnson at one time? MAYORAL
Report of man wounded in something through the letter box? MAILSHOT
Reticent about Conservative traitor, about to become irritable SCRATCHY
Scientists working in school’s pigsty PSYCHOLOGISTS
Secretive about work and quiet — or careless? SLOPPY
Smart police operation STING
Stone circle with china buried under it OPAL
Thus rodent goes around edible plants TAROS
Time at home, takes advantage of Victoria and others TERMINUSES
Unpleasant row RANK