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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jul 23 2018

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Clues Answers
Argument about river fish SPRAT
Arm possibly lacerated initially, one needing doctor LIMB
Bake unusual British dish on a skewer KEBAB
Early meeting might go to pieces quickly POWERBREAKFAST
Excellent money CAPITAL
Extremely precise VERY
Fascinated, talked out loud RAPT
Hairstyle attributed to supermodel PERM
In blessing, everything is swell BALLOON
King ending in Bangladesh, an Asian ruler KHAN
Lolly, something to eat BREAD
Name ultimately I spelt wrong in letter EPISTLE
Old fogey seen in two parties DODO
Old weapon as good in the main, imperfect originally ASSEGAI
Open champion finally embraced by team from America? UNSCREW
Part of the orchestra in the money? BRASS
Clues Answers
Perfect — unlike a cricket ball? SEAMLESS
Pure tuna mixed with a condiment UNCONTAMINATED
Servant in part of novel? PAGE
Shock — what cricketer may do? BOWLOVER
Somewhere in church, patterns all over the place TRANSEPT
Sovereign is backing father SIRE
Time to join friend for match TALLY
To the best of my understanding, it’s the horizon on a clear day? (2,3,2,1,3,3) ASFARASICANSEE
Tolerate resistance STAND
Top seat alongside head of trade TRUMP
Total wrong — on the contrary! OUTRIGHT
Troughs, say, in middle of pigsty GUTTERS
Waste material rotten, bitter mostly OFFAL
Whiff of Melbourne, perhaps, with English cake VICTORIASPONGE
Winger down SWALLOW
Woven carpets in bands of various colours SPECTRA