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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jul 24 2018

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Clues Answers
A Burgundy wine can bring great joy, mostly after tea! CHABLIS
A container, partly open AJAR
A dry, freezing cold, unfinished loft ATTIC
Aim to tour Maine? Correct EMEND
Art repels crude artisan PLASTERER
Become physical? Don’t be so naive GETREAL
Big boss, more vague after drink SUPREMO
Bump into ladder on a bridge RUNACROSS
Check about ending of gag rule REIGN
Clubs dealt — bar having a flutter on this? CARDTABLE
Coach beginning to toil, damaged in rear TRAINER
Complete first of circuits, ahead after British bloomer BUTTERCUP
Connect article with society? Me too! JOINTHECLUB
Dash round implausible island battle site ELALAMEIN
Deportation, one-time practice EXTRADITION
Direct series causing a complete change in opinion TURNROUND
Clues Answers
During depression, a point raised in State House CAPITOL
Extremist in Istanbul, trapped ULTRA
Fish and a fruit served up TUNA
Form of investment, one thing to have faith in UNITTRUST
Hour with author HAND
Loads in favour of merger PROFUSION
Old wife hemmed in by crowd shows courage PROWESS
Outspoken, expert about lake BLUFF
Parachute failing to open — wrong ‘un ROGUE
Perfectly ignoring adult and small child TOT
Playing field — game on it for conscript RECRUIT
Record message NOTE
Rude men flanking a museum administrator CURATOR
Ruminant from foreign uplands GNU
Search finished after game GOTHROUGH
Worry about fellow, the Parisian in a port not far from Perth FREMANTLE