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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jul 25 2018

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Clues Answers
A graduate teacher full of inventive lies went down line ABSEILED
A long time entertaining National Trust representatives AGENTS
Almost missed call, being captain SKIPPERING
Cargo coming after soldiers charge again RELOAD
Characteristic of a man to be very quiet in water ADAMSAPPLE
Compromise a manager securing rating SEAMAN
Depressed by a student grant ALLOW
Detectives run from ruthless criminal SLEUTHS
Exclusive company taken in by concession SCOOP
Extremely short journeys — walks! STRIDES
Fall in love and despair! LOSEHEART
Go away and film endlessly SHOO
Go too far, seeing 24 in public OVERSHOOT
Green fruit mostly going with favourite shellfish LIMPET
Heads eat out in case of parents PATES
Clues Answers
Independent European country importing fish FREELANCE
Ledger shows father with new boy fine DAYBOOK
One takes cap off seeing nerve required in front of batsman BOTTLEOPENER
Plant seeing first of many poorly MILL
Promote more FURTHER
Put one’s foot down seeing expert cover Electra complex ACCELERATE
Regret adopting son’s cunning plan RUSE
Reject drink KNOCKBACK
Seat occupied by a professor of pop? ROCKINGCHAIR
Shakes, coming across river snakes RATTLERS
Smoker invested in inhalant, expecting returns ETNA
Stops working in Irish county seats DOWNSTOOLS
Times will support seating areas for spectators and is ready to act STANDSBY
Tree snake seen regularly ASPEN
Troublemaker in gaol sadly supporting house HOOLIGAN