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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jul 26 2018

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Clues Answers
Bar nothing welcoming naughty nude suggestion INNUENDO
Brad Pitt perhaps taking on female villain MALEFACTOR
Capital is new with fool’s gold NASSAU
Caught, gutted by disastrous run DIRECT
Cheers without rising for decoration TASSEL
Clear over story about Conservative grabbing member TENTACLE
Coal is unloaded for public SOCIAL
Delay following parking jam? PRESERVE
Dismal victory attempt WINTRY
Education after half-term’s suffering TEACHING
End of affaire, say, giving grounds ESTATE
Everyone supports motorway shopping centre MALL
Hand that’s good, holding spades FIST
Hazy, beginning to get wet GRAINY
Clues Answers
Headed over save, oddly, in short cross TRANSVERSE
Inclination to accept right result of 1 Down? LEARNING
Loathed embracing sweetheart with passion HEATED
Providing returns while facing company collapse FIASCO
Rabbit’s tail, small and trim SCUT
Reckoning on time, as it turned out ESTIMATION
Rejection of French love gripping man’s heart DENIAL
Rockers’ old ally delivering important equipment initially ROADIE
Security, for example, checking iron temperature SAFETY
Small bird diving around lake DUCKLING
Some tommyrot arranged to hold up storyteller NARRATOR
Strangely hesitant to accept American supporter ENTHUSIAST
Success assuming Queen generation’s legacy HERITAGE
Sweet herb MINT