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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jul 27 2018

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Clues Answers
After setback the fellow had to keep moggy separate DETACH
Badly behaved youngster — Robin, that is? HOODIE
Be independent and surprisingly genial too GOITALONE
Black Prince of yesteryear more intelligent BRAINIER
Court has 500 got rid of — something nasty in this place? WOODSHED
Cut off from established site for shooting practice ESTRANGE
Darling gets left in shower PELT
Disorder great by port — police may need this? RIOTGEAR
Food with which old character inadequately entertains yours truly OMELETTE
Holy words conveyed by woman traditionally MANTRA
Imprisoned by doctor, beaten foes become humiliated LOSEFACE
Large lettuce, one received by host COSMIC
Mad Tory practice upsetting group of US politicians? DEMOCRATICPARTY
Maid once tortured as one deemed devil-possessed DEMONIAC
Monkey has brief time in flowing stream MARMOSET
Clues Answers
More lustrous nobleman gets external support PEARLIER
New home in which Irish look to have inherited item HEIRLOOM
One skilled at the lathe or the canvas? TURNER
Professional record with upper-class English in introduction PROLOGUE
Reputation of old city within country STATURE
Singer in church getting nothing right, nun losing head CHORISTER
Sort out university book collection corner UNTANGLE
Support very hot — Conservative gets in BACKING
Sweet and holy father given a monetary allowance FRAGRANT
Team the French put into short race? ELEVEN
Unconvincing kind — Liberal engaged in that political programme PLATFORM
What sounds like woman’s strong colouring substance DYESTUFF
You and I having quiet time expressed sorrow WEPT
You’d once set about embracing Guildhall figure, making emotional appeal DEMAGOGY