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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jul 3 2018

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Clues Answers
At home with part covering piano examination INSPECTION
At paper that’s trendy, retaining old charm ATTRACTION
Burns pens introduction to rhapsody for vocalists SINGERS
Chatty regular drunk, dropping ale finally over us GARRULOUS
Diatribe from one stuck in traffic TIRADE
Drink fit for a king knocked back LAGER
Enjoyable? Female leaves a smaller amount if not UNLESS
Fever upset the Ugandans to some extent AGUE
Force with soldiers and American became lost FORGOTTEN
Heavenly body under coat — Marilyn Monroe, perhaps FILMSTAR
Hell — bit of hair creates anguish DISTRESS
Instant suspicion after time with wife TWINKLING
Intimidated teen worried in series of postings on internet message board THREATENED
Leaves errand boys PAGES
Lector is moving religious residence CLOISTER
Clues Answers
Money from account withdrawn, friend grabbing it CAPITAL
More and more anglers in icy waves INCREASINGLY
Party time OCCASION
Possible location of wine merchant, we hear CELLAR
Russian leader it is fair to ignore on a regular basis TSAR
Slack police department going after learner driver in fact dropping back FLACCID
Small gardens in London at an angle SKEW
Surely not! Article (and another in French) by bridge player is just the same NEVERTHELESS
That is keeping scoundrel angry IRATE
The Queen’s address in both directions? MAAM
Thought of liner, etc, at sea REFLECTION
Unimportant predicament? Not at first LIGHT
Untidy place where one might find litter PIGSTY
Vital German city — it rises above a lake ESSENTIAL
We learn about rehabilitation RENEWAL