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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jul 30 2018

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Clues Answers
A few words in time? SENTENCE
A little grizzly, possibly, on a Caribbean island CUBA
A note in film music of the Fifties? ROCKABILLY
Actor wearing small diamond, a national symbol SHAMROCK
As are a number of clones, despite what you say ALLTHESAME
Aspect ain’t so shabby in out-of-this-world accommodation SPACESTATION
Colleague heading for breakdown during deadlock STABLEMATE
Convincing case for highly developed skill STRONGSUIT
County ultimately unprepared, or ready? DORSET
Drunk in recompense for divine existence? Omnipresence
Fake painting so exquisite, Uffizi didn’t object originally PSEUDO
Football team score with nine sent off? ELEVEN
German not cute, I gathered TEUTONIC
Good and evil WICKED
Clues Answers
I insist tact must be deployed to trap a data expert STATISTICIAN
In reality, Newcastle’s river TYNE
Lech returning for a dance REEL
Looking for lecturer somewhere in Cambridgeshire HUNTINGDON
Move towards men, going with the flow DOWNSTREAM
Place tug behind ship at the outset STOW
Plain aunt struggling to embrace doctor TUNDRA
Quartets playing for uninvited resident SQUATTER
Run and help Sally? RAID
Suddenly move forward around old room LOUNGE
Suggest the gospel isn’t truth? I’ve just written it! QUESTIONMARK
Try attack STAB
Very large part of building housing journalist WHACKING
While voice filled with hatred at first, I’m disgusted! ALTHOUGH