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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jul 5 2018

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Clues Answers
Admirable French article, lines supporting former European politician EXEMPLARY
Banks incorporating current accounts STORIES
Be excessively formal on deck OVERDRESS
Chewed part of pen leaked NIBBLED
Crew’s excited, gathering in monarch’s smashing boat SHIPWRECKING
Dad lost grand spoiling model GOLDSTANDARD
Drink two times wiped from bed cover COCOA
Empire collapsed with Republican leader PREMIER
First out of bed tormented me with strop UPPERMOST
Gambles crossing street of city in riots DISTURBANCES
Grey, say, up above, cooler underground DUNGEON
Groom’s plea getting in tangle with tie EPILATE
Home female once worshipped somewhere in America INDIANA
Jewellery gives off metallic sound RINGS
Clues Answers
Lost away from land ATSEA
Maybe, Real and Inter with many out injured MONETARYUNIT
Near console on the blink CLOSEON
Older relative with thing mostly for hard rock GRANITE
Reception room contains worn-out bag HOLDALL
Reserve seat? BENCH
Run mobile phone holding company HENCOOP
Secretive group is on top of termination in contract for player CELLIST
Strolled from Post Office, post already despatched here and there POOTLED
Studio set back in thoroughfare I let, affordable ATELIER
Suffer, short of energy UNDERGO
Taking black bucket to feed horse NABBING
The Queen in Great Britain is keeping primarily little animals GERBILS
Vegetable processed to get cure COURGETTE