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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jul 6 2018

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Clues Answers
6 turned up in Lancashire town BACUP
Aussie animal’s taking time to settle down ROOST
Be able to look down on public work OVERTOP
Bolt’s disappointing news about race’s cancellation RUNOFF
Boy growing up beginning to enjoy organ NOSE
Class crossword compiler who gets stuff into print? TYPESETTER
Conversation sure to ramble after party DISCOURSE
Duty imposed on one vehicle TAXI
Electrical units installed in campsite AMPS
Entering sleazy bar, I had to be set apart DIVIDE
Fish from Bali cooked in primitive building HALIBUT
Group of stars the French love LEO
Impose restriction on friend in a reasonable manner RATIONALLY
King George meets European member of aristocracy in French city GRENOBLE
Clues Answers
Like some swimsuits arriving undamaged? INONEPIECE
Look beyond page two PAIR
Manufactured items the Queen gets crazy about POTTERY
Nightspots’ star performer is a card ACEOFCLUBS
Period of anger when king is deposed AGE
Pictures for official records PROFILES
Proclaim President a monster on our screens TRUMPET
Quickly grab biscuit, having got out of bed SNAPUP
Quiet agent managed to phone up once before meal PREPRANDIAL
Scruples I deftly dealt with, showing no consideration for another DISRESPECTFULLY
Soundness of Tory PM holding line HEALTH
V-sign shows support VINDICATION
What about commotion with food being sent back in Mac’s place? EDINBURGH
Yesteryear’s vehicle could be creaking car, yeah? HACKNEYCARRIAGE