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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jul 9 2018

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Clues Answers
& 16 Across One rotten actor is spoiling TV series CORONATION
Actor Johnny, almost swallowing ecstasy, becomes profound DEEP
Answer some correspondence RESPOND
Article must be rewritten by five, straight up! VERTICAL
Beat king’s war machine TANK
Choice of fostering when Bill leaves OPTION
Cleaning equipment shocks? MOPS
Cures seem dire somehow REMEDIES
Delaying tactic from one coach overcome by strain FILIBUSTER
Evidently women only troubled at cruel name-calling? NOMENCLATURE
Exotic dancer seen by husband in bar HINDRANCE
Express disapproval of new gift BOON
Families keep being taken in by star signs HOUSEHOLDS
Fly very near the ground? Not quite SOLO
Clues Answers
Give out what’s said to be money, on reflection EMIT
Inflammatory reason to support English EMOTIVE
Just in time, survive with very little LASTMINUTE
Leading Russian swapping parts before son enters INPUTS
Life-saving treatment needed where estuaries meet? MOUTHTOMOUTH
Listen: a city-dweller will show resolve TENACITY
Mostly unnecessary and overdue wave UNDULATE
One’s snappy seeing cool cider being drunk CROCODILE
Plan for retirement? PENSION
Reportedly dispose of part of prison CELL
Scheme and lie about getting shot, possibly PROJECTILE
See 1 Across STREET
They’re handy when fighting members ARMS
Trendy, like old colour INDIGO