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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jun 1 2018

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Clues Answers
A commissioned officer briefly trampled on by horse becomes blue COBALT
A Conservative minister’s office? Watch out if you don’t get this! ACCURACY
Birds with little energy having problem getting up EMUS
British land army member’s missing? BLIGHTY
Civil Service filled with utter weirdos CRANKS
Colours used in painting especially TINGES
Crimes associated with those receiving swag? OFFENCES
Failing to act or lying SUPINE
Famous German upset English in conflict WAGNER
Fellows, mature members of household MENAGE
Female impertinence making one lose the plot FLIP
Firm suffering setback in dead place LOCATE
Greek character, spirited, stealing ideas? PIRACY
Handsome chaps crossing ring road to get wine BORDEAUX
HE institution, which in Paris, is unlike any other UNIQUE
Individual transgression leads to joy being curtailed SINGLE

Clues Answers
Keep quiet when given book PRESERVE
Knave joining gangster, a beast JACKAL
Leaders of English society with wise words can be trying ESSAYING
Legally get hold of little boy upset over school DISTRAIN
Material girl getting man across the Channel? JEAN
Military leader left with lower ranks inside castle courtyard? WARLORD
One doesn’t react, being troubled by 7 INERTGAS
One who should be recipient of the last bit in Exeter, say SENDEE
Orchestration achieving a success SCORING
People coming in? Part of hospital goes mad ENTRANTS
Poor people in shelters receiving old books HAVENOTS
Salmon — what you expect on river PARR
See me on road, wandering around, abandoned MAROONED
Those showing no appreciation could make one angriest INGRATES
Turns up in headgear held together by glue CAPSIZES
Woman’s collecting information, making lists for meetings AGENDAS