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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jun 11 2018

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Clues Answers
A payment secured by friend of father and mother? PARENTAL
Beauty — small-minded nature about right PRETTINESS
Capitol out of sight OPTICAL
Clear answers billions initially work out ABSOLVE
Comedic, common error that’s come up in church CLOWNISH
Confused, like a sailor? ATSEA
Dash can get shortened TINGE
Demolish testament in dreadful tirade, ultimately DISMANTLE
Drug used in growing muscle, or in weight-loss programmes, contrarily STEROID
Essence: it is in pub PITH
Fruit eaten up by rhino, lemons MELON
God has Egyptian seaport to set up ZEUS
Grabbing first of toys, old king and I play together TUTTI
Half a score otherwise for singer TENOR
How much interest regarding pinafore! APRON
Illness — I left people in bath scratching both ends! AILMENT
Clues Answers
Loss of hope in the French couple DESPAIR
Lost cause, rotten stew CASSOULET
Member is slow to establish laws LEGISLATE
Novel ending mercifully, maybe another starts? EMMA
One racing out of control, showing lack of awareness IGNORANCE
One thus set on fire, a refinery gutted SOLITARY
Poisoner tainted sarnie with dash of cyanide ARSENIC
Prisons around extravagant country residences COTTAGES
Reading article the wrong way RECITAL
River Test commercial INDUSTRIAL
Rubbish fish’s served with batter CODSWALLOP
Say ‘Florida’, possibly? STATE
Shingle shifted from some UK shores? ENGLISH
Sweet wine gets more trembling? AFTERSHOCK
Tory privilege RIGHT
Yours truly is a leader in mosque! IMAM