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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jun 12 2018

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Clues Answers
& 3 Down Boundless humour, one girl recollected, in famous old nightspot MOULIN
A brandy and soda knocked back after five, after short visit CALVADOS
A pale worried deserter APOSTATE
A position on the cricket field, not long on SHORTLEG
Article, belt, I buckled, nevertheless ALBEIT
Auction, first of many in state capital SALEM
Casserole at bistro, ultimately a controversial issue HOTPOTATO
Colour of gold by Scottish brook AUBURN
Complete circuit, or segment? ORBIT
Constant battle over small wood CYPRESS
Demanding deep thought, expert discovered PROFOUND
Exceptionally intelligent person was hard to indoctrinate BRAINWASH
Extremely small and quiet nursing home MINUTE
Impressionable one in factory PLIANT
Clues Answers
Member of the clergy made a confession, to some extent DEACON
Nice boarding house, I hesitate to say, for a senior citizen? PENSIONER
Old character beginning to tune musical instrument THORN
Out of keeping, prom ripe for redevelopment IMPROPER
Perplex foremost of gardeners, appearing with passion flower FOXGLOVE
Popular team, fundamentally INSIDE
Power feeding Tube centrally? The reverse in New York system SUBWAY
Quote shortened during actual performance RECITAL
See 2 Down ROUGE
Sluggish? It could be the garlic LETHARGIC
Speak without restraint appealing to have conveniences installed CUTLOOSE
Sweet bishop, say, having whisky BUTTERSCOTCH
Those seeking a relationship with belted earl, on the sly? LONELYHEARTS
What one may be brought in a taverna with fashionable new tiles WINELIST