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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jun 13 2018

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Clues Answers
A note about millions needed for rock band’s requirements? AMPS
A son beset by hunger will be lubricated GREASED
Arrogant — spaced out and hit gym drunk HIGHANDMIGHTY
Awfully vain yet showing innocence NAIVETY
Complaint, seeing two grand thrown into river NIGGLE
Cut of meat as per cooked on bone SPARERIB
Develops conditions after case of gangrene GESTATES
Did he act badly in front of press chief? CHEATED
Excavate part of Peru near this UNEARTH
Fire Tory and draw attention to allowance CONFLAGRATION
Flyer’s Olympic medal perhaps found initially in church GOLDFINCH
Game’s up, with lover outside office BUREAU
Get round and try to reach a compromise NEGOTIATE
Hard group tracking American partner HUSBAND
Clues Answers
Killer caught by rejection of Victoria Cross ORCA
No end of film used in planned platinum wedding NUPTIAL
Person who won’t indulge reserved seat in bar ABSTAINER
Picture the setter’s maturity IMAGE
Praise has no boundaries for such coffee LATTE
Questioned lines on Spain in altered environment CHALLENGED
Representation from nation hoarding uranium STATUE
Scientific type’s unwell at home after onset of botulism BOFFIN
Shrimps and the like found in cat saucer, mysteriously CRUSTACEA
Submitted and made progress ADVANCED
Suggestion to adopt wife’s tone of voice TWANG
The majority of sea food coming from India? BALTI
Uncompromising but mostly unlucky HARDLINE
Women see lights out, being this in space WEIGHTLESS