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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jun 14 2018

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Clues Answers
… old lady, enthusiastic in buff NANKEEN
A small bird is livid ASHEN
American ‘rock’ includes ‘roll’ in profusion ABUNDANCE
Building of French erected providing formality EDIFICE
Cowboy’s hat? Put it back, boy! STETSON
Dine out and tip in change showing autonomy INDEPENDENCE
Dry heated ingredients turning dry DEHYDRATE
Flower part is close protecting head of plant SEPAL
Labour leader facing confused Tories hangs around LOITERS
Literate English smutty about sex ERUDITE
Loose salt seen in shifting dunes UNSECURED
Mate by employing skill with knight PARTNER
Maybe Ugandan affair’s first lover keeps almost fertile AFRICAN
Particularly clever type is wrong RESPECTIVELY
Clues Answers
Pretty dull blokes start to try flattery BLANDISHMENT
Relatives like to go around free AUNTIES
Reportedly caught sight of landscape SCENE
Some finesse? Let’s attempt to turn vulgar TASTELESS
Somewhat modish and rather trim initially SMART
Star’s unwanted touch? SUNBURN
Support coach upset with worker, one in bother SUBSTANTIATE
Tempted brood to accept tailless bird SEDUCED
Thickness of book perused by author, essentially BREADTH
Turn up heat and run off UNEARTH
UFO crash site, alternatively returning balloon ROSWELL
Wedded male commonly pestered … MARRIED
Within reach, I eventually succeed ACHIEVE
Writer’s old volume follows inspection, we hear CHEKHOV