The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jun 19 2018

Clues Answers
A sweet, perfect pick after something pungent PEPPERMINTCREAM
Before college, student revealed a secret LETON
Call number up, ring versatile musician ONEMANBAND
Caught playing well in match CONFORM
Count, amid cheers, managed a dance TARANTELLA
Destination? All but the last Indian state GOA
Dropping off agent to secure shelter SLEEPY
Element of reportedly foolish swindle SILICON
Exceptional boy, likely to win ODDSON
Good food brought over, type eaten abroad outside this famous landmark? BRANDENBURGGATE
Host foolish to exclude British ARMY
Improve quality of restaurant, primarily, in nice refurbished hotel ENRICH
Inappropriate, not working OUTOFORDER
Landlord in centre of Rugby won’t fancy an empty place GHOSTTOWN
Clues Answers
Letter from Greece, from air hostess RHO
No, ketchup is free where the needy may eat SOUPKITCHEN
Petite, the Spanish female elected ELFIN
Pilot in book, with slight worries, scratching head BIGGLES
Rabble-rouser having a go at it, suffering resistance AGITATOR
Ringing? Check warning light in part of recording studio ECHOCHAMBER
Short grumpy note CROTCHET
Some in hierarchy, perhaps, will get publicity HYPE
Thus, a popular time for ‘Emmerdale’, for example SOAPOPERA
Trained gunners in reserve for rebellion INSURGENCE
Trash sailing vessel JUNK
Try hard to support foundation, endlessly BASH
Unreliable quote about a bishop returning ERRATIC
Write name on flag PENNON

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