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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jun 22 2018

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Clues Answers
Article about group of people in the middle of Russia, Muslims SARACENS
Author sounding fresh GREENE
Biography, story about France’s leader LIFE
Designer, the female artist leading French fashion SHERATON
Detected journalist’s halo maybe! DISCOVERED
Duck when escort gets hit SCOTER
Enchanted — and about to get hurt CHARMED
Flexing muscle, sire is carrying one powerful weapon CRUISEMISSILE
Fool cuts material short CLOT
Independent politician travels here and there for rallies IMPROVES
Ladies keep a tally of letters, we hear COUNTESSES
Marine creature mum has eaten — horrible! MANATEE
Mount or hill in which sailor is buried TABOR
Clues Answers
Notice old politicians making off-the-cuff comments ADLIBS
Place of bitterness not keeping quiet SITE
Plants needing some drastic action CACTI
Preface for this writer written retrospectively PROEM
Rebellious minister is cad and is prejudiced DISCRIMINATES
Son gets box — one greedy for chocolates, maybe? SCOFFER
Sort of town Communist liberated SPARED
Stay to hear Terry who was held hostage WAIT
Study period said to be right CONCESSION
Superficial brightness of hospital noticed on the outside SHEEN
Underground workers not given right dogs COLLIES
Unmarried female writer having time wasted MISSPENT
William Brown’s friend mad for biscuits GINGERNUTS