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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jun 26 2018

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Clues Answers
Awkward writer reflected in it INEPT
Be uncomfortably hot right in front of kiln ROAST
Chicken in yard man decapitated YELLOW
Contest fewer in number, being without equal MATCHLESS
Creature in a stream grabbing frantic duck ARMADILLO
Crime writer tells about that woman topping husband SAYERS
Crossing river, reached cave GROTTO
Cutting remarks, primarily in bar EXCERPT
Duck swimming over shell SHOVELLER
Errand boy committing serious crime in minister’s house PARSONAGE
Female and I restore hearth FIREPLACE
Gossip present, reportedly with chance to speak HEARSAY
Ice, mostly, round Irish lake RESERVOIR
If in no end of doubt before close of play, declare! NOTIFY
Jobs — first in there enquires TASKS
Large vehicle parking by Irish lake PLOUGH
Clues Answers
Nigel, clumsy chap, careless NEGLIGENT
Not awake when cover pulled up ASLEEP
One who keeps records about substance almost like gold dust REGISTRAR
Opening, working with group ONSET
Painter’s work that’s rarely seen? UNDERCOAT
Phone up about last of gladioli in bloom LILAC
Put down good name CREDIT
Rider at races, delayed TARRIED
Slow on the uptake, but so excited by note, finally OBTUSE
Stout, a novelist HARDY
Therefore, top must be reliable SOLID
Trendy little drink I had in flat INSIPID
Tries to divide existing practice REHEARSAL
Type of energy supply also run SOLAR
Volley from Slav drifting over SALVO
World Cup hero injured netting second HURST