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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jun 27 2018

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Clues Answers
A doctor seen on the French promenade AMBLE
A fine carnival’s concerns AFFAIRS
Assessed time invested in overpriced revolutionary RATED
Basic ingredients may include this in cake ICING
Behaviour of European base in grim surroundings DEMEANOUR
Blair regularly taken to task for being free of social constraints LIBERATED
Could this throw light on teacher returning during the afternoon? PRISM
Declares in favour of applications PROCLAIMS
Dish that’s cooked by person wearing suit needing time CASSOULET
Dodgy oil trade involving international leader EDITORIAL
Each short sleep is most comfortable EASIEST
First principles of game hazy — sent off! RUDIMENTS
Gold buried in river creates rush TORRENT
Graduate carried off for obstruction BARRICADE
Greece in search of a hard worker GRAFTER
Half-a-crown found by sailor crossing island area? TIARA
Clues Answers
Make amends with a tincture ATONE
Man on board loses head in dark NIGHT
Order a business broadcast ALIGN
Picture one working after South American’s suggestion SUSPICION
Point of access — until rest shifted TURNSTILE
Race over and see heartless carer NURSE
Requirement for cook that comes before fire? FRYINGPAN
Second approach will conceal right-wing plot STORYLINE
Set up for a bit of snooker FRAME
Signs one’s worried about source of money OMENS
Small, small attachment, dear SWEETIE
Soldiers foot the bill for sanctuary RETREAT
Some win cap –a bleary-eyed drunk! INCAPABLE
Tense worker perhaps has strange pet TANTRUM
This prisoner would be the devil outside University College LIFER
Type of humour okay in case of girls GALLOWS