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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jun 28 2018

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Clues Answers
Alarming seeing one in gents put out UPSETTING
Appealing with turn to bat WINNING
Bride bristled accepting rubbish DEBRIS
Calm about beginning to locate cut RELAXED
Catches vehicle finally, the final vehicle? HEARSE
Closest direction to circle inlet WARMEST
Company’s time leads to charge COST
Cross empty gallery to take seat GRUMPY
Do translation of French mock exam’s opening DECODE
Escort man working to protect Queen CHAPERON
Expert reportedly beat golfer’s measure of skill HANDICAP
Frolic in punt, we hear GAMBOL
Insanity of crowd welcoming danger, oddly MADNESS
It’s standard having a lot put on tick? PARASITE
Look, a new mortgage? LOAN
Clues Answers
Lose track of dispatch on motorway MISLAY
Lug around say, turning impatient EAGER
Opinionated and terribly vague trite man ARGUMENTATIVE
Perfect female, wild FLAWLESS
Playing oldies I love IDOLISE
Proust, it gets translated better OUTSTRIP
Rewarding, if tedious, to keep skilful GIFTED
Salt rib concerned with seasoning TARRAGON
Seat could help an individual rest initially CHAIR
Stand without warning shout and put wood back? REFOREST
Stolen cabinet is damaged, for sure INCONTESTABLE
Strangely, dog in street ultimately ate dull food STODGE
Tower guard’s exploit with sweetheart consumed by drink BEEFEATER
Unattractively artificial snap capturing conclusion PLASTIC
Wicked lapse is end, almost SINISTER