The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jun 29 2018

Clues Answers
A person may be entitled to start with this BIRTHRIGHT
Argue against prisoner time and time again wanting to keep dog? CONTROVERT
Boy in holy band getting healthy food? SALAD
Club with hot tub BATH
Dad swimming with ease? He wouldn’t be, in this lake! DEADSEA
Devil-may-care group of fliers — brill? RAFFISH
Downplay what citizens of repressive regime are? UNDERSTATE
Enjoyable nook with husband out of the way NICE
Estate could provide facility for refreshment TEASET
Georgia slouches awkwardly in dances GALOPS
Girl in state of confusion left HAZEL
Job cancelled with frigidity in public building POSTOFFICE
Knowing about home side at The Oval INON
Language in Indian huts possibly? HINDUSTANI
Limited number operating — twelve NOON
Money paid over period for chemical REAGENT
Clues Answers
Most splendid poem about dwelling in a tree? FINEST
Not taken out, not having the time? UNDATED
Pale little man declined WANED
Plant person on field to get stuck into work TREFOIL
Principal’s ways of speaking to convey grave things HEADSTONES
Report of rude person in the nude BARE
Safe foundation for church PETER
Scottish location in which to plant a vegetable BEAN
Small illustration, a ship, by old artist PICASSO
Somehow he’s angrier getting ready for a show? REHEARSING
That’s bad university teacher putting off men repeatedly TUTTUT
Very large lady by front of hotel who welcomes guests? HOSTESS
What offers an ‘edgy’ performance accompanied by music? SWORDDANCE
What settles the clothes being put on outside WEATHER
Win one more time with leader absent GAIN
Wreck international organisation over allowing 500 in UNDO

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