The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jun 4 2018

Clues Answers
A meaty pet? SAUSAGEDOG
A track behind truck in Irish town TIPPERARY
Bones buried in Pisa, cracked SACRA
Bulb will start to open before end of August SHALLOT
Change again in large novel REALIGN
Clothes first or second, perhaps? GEAR
Common outlaw, Mr Capone BANAL
Des Moines native maybe pale, under ten? IOWAN
Dog is lean after exercising: power in it SPANIEL
Dollar leap BUCK
Don’t speak with tricksters — could be a put-up job? SHELVES
Handle eccentric type CRANK
Happening thrice, tea dance CHACHACHA
In total, narrative complete? ALLTOLD
Irish in the US, remarkably hairy HIRSUTE
King possibly with a lot of money — a good deal? ROYALFLUSH

Clues Answers
Light seafood in fish, not cold ARCLAMP
Medic has beaten a drum on a TV film DOCUDRAMA
Obvious plateau PLAIN
Original opening I have, popular at first INVENTIVE
Patron accepting worker’s bribe BACKHANDER
Quick reporters in retirement? EXPRESS
Raised current, correct EDIT
Relish nothing after a blow GUSTO
Representative group good in Europe, say? CONTINGENT
Short extra post SPAR
Squeeze me after rolling onto couple EMBRACE
Strange dam, dry originally WEIRD
Top call, not bottom NOTRUMP
Twister ruined a party TORNADO
Two animals closer? SEALANT
Walker greeting king and queen HIKER

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