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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jun 5 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Poking it out’ could be considered rude language TONGUE
A wife almost generous? Rubbish! AWFUL
All evening Ray loses heart with me EVERYONE
Arranging musical instrument, one with whistle ORGANISING
Attack that crosses a line? INVASION
Churchman of French origin in Alcatraz with prisoner DEACON
Couples softly dropped voices AIRS
Despite everything, even shelter’s damaged NEVERTHELESS
Every second a flyer goes in behind schedule ALTERNATE
Exotic Persia trip? No sweat PERSPIRATION
Extract from Rimbaud a little surrealist DALI
Friends hit back PALS
Goes around North with German travellers PASSENGERS
I count on us working uninterrupted CONTINUOUS
I note a duck is in container for quarantine ISOLATION

Clues Answers
Inferred what Tom Daley did, perhaps, captivates the Queen DERIVED
Keen to ignore tail, holding large bird EAGLE
Kent town’s bargains DEALS
Match official bungle oddly ignored safety REFUGE
Maybe relish putting on clothes DRESSING
Offers kinky nurse love? About time! VOLUNTEERS
Page to be first, editor begged PLEADED
Plant I vote to be uprooted? Not very likely POTENTIAL
Questionable American power in religious community SUSPECT
Rake in bottom of garden under part of cereal plant EARN
Rendered notes? TONES
Requiring massaging, by the sound of it NEEDING
Rugby perhaps popular with good training SCHOOLING
Small drink of alcohol and a jerk gets theatrical DRAMATIC
Snake starts to emerge, checking the air ASPECT