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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jun 6 2018

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Clues Answers
Attacks and defeats, full of energy BESETS
Cheating at duplicate bridge? DOUBLECROSSING
Confusing situation created by revolutionary oil rig mob IMBROGLIO
Devise one new outlet INVENT
Embarrassing type’s issue in France? ENFANTTERRIBLE
Familiarity of old-fashioned African party welcomed by expert ACQUAINTANCE
Gamble about way he’s changed paper BROADSHEET
Holidaymaker’s problem — meticulous clothes EMMET
Important sign to American after end of creationism MOMENTOUS
Incitement to gush endlessly SPUR
Job with South African province following delivery POSTNATAL
Look offended, rejected by a dispenser under pressure AEROSOL
Making watertight tiles, say, under pressure PROOFING
Meticulous with money, wanting a horse THOROUGHBRED

Clues Answers
Move like a snake casting skin, being supple LITHE
On air, broadcast covering Democrat’s decree ORDAIN
People who row may be married, within reason, when upset OARSMEN
Radio operator, suspended, will be frustrated HAMSTRUNG
Resolution strangely met no need outside university DENOUEMENT
Switching sides, chap is ruined BROKE
The setter’s model is exact IMPOSE
Touch and run DASH
Travel permit for a group of three TRIPLET
Travellers or ticket sellers accepting endless risk TOURISTS
Unhappy hour, oddly, for a holy man SADHU
Visibly upset from severe scolding on time TEARFUL
Wanting money to be beaten STRAPPED
Worked out commitment on debt initially RESOLVED