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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jun 7 2018

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Clues Answers
Attempt to resolve dispute about Charlie’s treatment MEDICATION
Cook endless seabird stew BRAISE
Deplorable grids in sets to be reworked DISTRESSING
Figure observed boxing tournament, perhaps SEVENTEEN
First sign of contentment, marital partner getting plump CHUBBY
French city by Rhone is desperate for churchgoers PARISHIONERS
Gentleman with teaching qualification — flipping rubbish DEBRIS
Ignored cut in price DISCOUNTED
Kitchen appliance beginning to rattle inside, fear griddle’s defective Larderfridge
Ladies’ man rejecting 50% of people at university? STUD
Liberate secure complex RESCUE
Means of paying Spooner’s frosty captor GOLDCARD
Nobody is in the dark totally ALLTOLD
Ordered raincoat from European country CROATIAN

Clues Answers
People like you are composed, I’d be cross now and then READERS
Reserved a little fairground stall in school holidays, initially SHYISH
Return your dreadful uniform LIVERY
Revoked some sound ideas UNDID
Royal holding nothing against region PROVINCE
Shout about one climbing tree LILAC
Some people’s statistics reported for diving bird DARTER
Sound from turkey eating GOBBLING
Split in fabric underneath black bag BLADDER
Stopped benefit coming into home PAUSED
That’s reflected in heart of benevolent characters LOVE
Treachery of the French place, far from warm welcoming in Italian DUPLICITY
Worthless cast in Globe IGNOBLE