The Telegraph – Cryptic – Mar 13 2018

Clues Answers
Allow penalty SANCTION
Allowed out of bed? That’s a relief LETUP
Animated movie film a man shot about return of artist ANIMALFARM
At home, stiff and weak INFIRM
Body part of cat probed by a practitioner, ultimately LARYNX
Boring book about anger and self-control, primarily TIRESOME
Cover Westlife’s first hit WRAP
Decline work supporting doctor DROP
Fairy queen admitted to malice SPRITE
Flower sprang up ROSE
Giving rise to defeat in tie KNOT
He, for example, in holy Mecca with limbs broken CHEMICALSYMBOL
Hit toy, toy I mistreated, being snobbish HOITYTOITY
Large Italian male, supple LITHE
Clues Answers
Like a squirrel checking its tail in light fall of snow? FLURRY
Made in imitation of some items in jeweller’s at Zermatt ERSATZ
Number in science lab initially producing copy STENCIL
Ordering again? Between the two of us, I couldn’t agree more YOURETELLINGME
Peer, seeing a young man entering security number PALADIN
Performing boy creates strange events GOINGSON
Porter, say, in company with male model COMPOSER
Refinement shown by French resort type? Not half! NICETY
Resolve of detectives diving into river DECIDE
Supplied key, then made a clever remark EQUIPPED
There may be talk after this Fifties dance JIVE
Very happy to make broth SOUP
Weapon taken from section of ship under bridge CROSSBOW
Witness a time trial ATTEST

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