The Telegraph – Cryptic – Mar 14 2018

Clues Answers
Awful shame appearing in short robe for programme GAMESHOW
Band involved in aggro, upset GROUP
Bill has no time for such an exhibitionist POSER
Country church estate on the west of Italy ICELAND
Exercises or makes solid connections across Italy WIELDS
Feeling fatigue but bound to welcome runs TIRED
First officer’s best-seller? NUMBERONE
Fish rest regularly, finding cover CARPET
Fish that’s pale and a bit off WHITEBAIT
Fixes up favourite for scrap SNIPPET
Fixing coupling overlooked by engineers REPAIRING
Friend may be appearing during call CRONY
Generation gap sees gang returning in sulk POWERCUT
Looked across river and took the lead STARRED
Make amends for former buccaneer ignoring queen EXPIATE
Man needs grain that’s ground periodically PIECEMEAL
Clues Answers
No one gets over following sick American fantasy ILLUSION
One source of neglect in French house fire IGNITE
Pass, slip, and fall down COLLAPSE
Patriotic prince perhaps initially changing sides LOYAL
Reach end of session consumed by anger RANGE
Relative from city on the Med being reported NIECE
Remarkable postscript about the Spanish being infiltrated by US agency SPECIAL
Routine part of tyre on motorway — outwardly lethal TREADMILL
Sausage one must have seasoning on to start with PEPPERONI
Sense good deal SIGHT
Settler needing help to protect new queen maybe on the way back ANTACID
Smart worker supports the French on the rise, for example ELEGANT
Start shortly with lines to generate more business OUTSELL
Takes works of Picasso, say ABSTRACTS
This may require one to be patient TREATMENT
Timid type eating second sweet MOUSSE

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