The Telegraph – Cryptic – Mar 15 2018

Clues Answers
A man serving in a party slowly with notes? ADAGIO
A period normally follows this court judgment SENTENCE
A receptacle holding small article for liqueur ABSINTHE
Abridged OT book with more than enough illustration EXAMPLE
Alarm’s let off? Suspect something’s up SMELLARAT
Birch maybe retains awe principally in one learning TRAINEE
Cast spell over element in umpteenth rally ENTHRALL
Colourful area missing from holiday destination FLORID
Complication in theorist’s first opinion TANGLE
Endless wine, refined hock, with starter of potted meat PORKCHOP
Fencing, say, by a Black Sea region CRIMEA
I’m probing a mate’s bitterness ACRIMONY
In discussion, a directorial low point NADIR
Insect concealed under a plant’s head APHID
Clues Answers
Key chart shop doctored as kind of extreme measure SHOCKTHERAPY
Kind of grey church on curve over a lake CHARCOAL
Last piece I have should be bit of salad? ENDIVE
Leading figure in a field offering hearty support? PACEMAKER
Listless way of working on ship at sea MOPISH
Little house completed for old President HOOVER
Monkey is second in running stream MARMOSET
Musical talent’s tense, dark material PERFECTPITCH
Passing rogue in tent’s mobbing artist TRANSIENT
Person of limited stature, we’re told, in power MIGHT
Scoop in southern seaside resort: Liberal comes last SHOVEL
Shame about old politician with huge pretentiousness POMPOSITY
Sports event in historic city including one type of jump that’s a bit short BIATHLON
Swampy ground damages hospital MARSH

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