The Telegraph – Cryptic – Mar 16 2018

Clues Answers
A daughter getting on is one who looks good ADONIS
Aim to be under shelter, the first thing after upset INTENTION
Anything but an old-fashioned rocker, it’s observed NOTED
Argues as one opposing nurses CONTENDS
Belittle some tales — ‘sentimental’ LESSEN
Birds going around quarry where flying must be controlled COCKPITS
Bishop in wobble with hero in defiance REBELLION
Calm down situation after invasion of revolutionary army PLACATE
Conservative sitting on grass making dogmatic statement CREED
Dinosaurs creating difficulty for top careerists Triceratopses
Employee in group outside front of restaurant with vehicle SERVANT
English sermon troubled American writer EMERSON
Feature of stairs concerning gentleman ascending RISER
Heavy drinker in street turning up to see films TALKIES
Clues Answers
Instrument fellow going to party left at home MANDOLIN
Intricate patterns in one part of church TRANSEPT
Learners caught in fine rain with one load hard to bear MILLSTONE
Like a drug that’s intricate a lab developed ANTIBACTERIAL
Monarch to rave, going off course ERRANT
One or two in the cricket team? OPENER
Particular ending comes after editor’s made reversal DETAIL
Repeatedly take care of teachers’ organisation, one taking a hit? COCONUT
Senior citizen courageous, but no leader, endlessly severe OLDSTER
Sniping at terrible pieces of art PAINTINGS
Spooner’s to identify tragic female indicating lack of spirit TAMENESS
Stars saving time get small car GEMINI
Tried again after faulty start, being shy RESERVED
Woman starts to decorate expensive material SUEDE

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